A Patriot’s Library

Dr. Ellen’s online PATRIOT’S LIBRARY houses information that American Patriots need to keep in focus as we work our way through the many political and congressional mazes that will culminate in the 2012 presidential election and beyond.

The library is a Constitutionally-driven educational resource. It offers an opportunity to read what our founding documents actually say and to learn about the very real constitutional dangers that threaten our Republic.

Learn why it is important to say NO to big government spending and its trillions of dollars of escalating debt. Learn why it is important to say NO to the many unconstitutional actions that have been taken by every Congress and President since the days of FDR and Woodrow Wilson. Learn, too, why time is of the essence.

Arm yourself with the facts and beware the fictions, as there are many.

Certain economists, historians, authors of all persuasions, university professors, members of Congress and the ruling elite, even Hollywood moviemakers, promote agendas that are not always in our best interests as a nation. At local, state and national levels you need to be able to differentiate radical progressive ideology from policies of governance that are, in fact, firmly grounded in the U.S. Constitution.

Americans can no longer afford to remain silent. The surest way to topple our Republic is through ignorance…citizen ignorance of our own American history.


Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph

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