People do the right thing when they grow up with models that also did the right thing

This is a commentary sent to Megyn Kelly (Fox News, America Live) – SUBTITLE: John Stossel is right!

Megyn, nothing works when it is prohibited. Prohibition stirs opposition. It is a well known psychological fact of life. Prohibition also has no effect whatsoever except on those who would have done the right thing to start with.

FACT: Nancy Reagan’s JUST SAY NO campaign ultimately served to increase drug trafficking to the United States. The statistics bear this out. Drug activity proliferates. Prostitution proliferates. Marijuana use proliferates. Crime proliferates. No amount of legalized prohibitions curb these or other things.

People do the right thing when they grow up with models that also did the right thing. Children with good character have parents with good character, and those children grow up to be adults with good character.

The average progeny produced by the ‘Baby Boomers’ are ill-defined individuals of poor character development and unabashed selfishness. They have no real moral compass because their parents gave them everything, primarily to compensate for the parents’ (and grandparents’) Great Depression struggles and Post WWII struggles. These kids, as a result, grew up with no boundaries surrounded by boundless material goods. They were given LIFE on a silver platter – a Leave it to Beaver existence if you will – and those kids are turning around and doing the same thing to THEIR kids.

Materialism without consequences, that’s what it is all about: THE ME GENERATION – GENERATION X. You need to spend some time covering the new documentary, GENERATION ZERO, which is absolutely on target, Megyn.

Those ‘Baby Boomers’ who grew up differently had different kinds of parents – parents with a good moral compass, parents with boundaries, parents with good character – parents who deliberately deprived their progeny of life’s vast array of material goods…why? So that their progeny would come to appreciate these things on their own and understand better how LIFE works: You get what you earn in life. It does not come to you on a silver platter. You have to work for what you get in life, respecting others in the process.

We know from long experience that sex education works. But tell that to many ‘Baby Boomer’ parents who think that if the school (or anyone else) talks with their children about sex education matters their children will rush out and get themselves or someone else pregnant. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Kids armed with sexual knowledge make better decisions for the right reasons, given that they have good character to start with.

Kids lacking good models and, consequently, kids without good character development, are going to have sex because that’s what their parents did and often in front of them. Such patterns repeat – that is the nature of the beast. They use sex as power. Or, if not that, as comfort for otherwise pitiful lives.

Our primary and most important influences in life are our parents and the extended families they come from.

The worrisome problem for many is the presence of legions of kids out there who lack good character development, who are also woefully undereducated, over-pregnant, excessively anxious, and mostly jobless. But no amount of legislation will change the fact that they exist and that they will continue to do the amoral or poor character things they do. Their models were powerful models for the choices they make! What will they do if we lift all the prohibitions? THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO WHAT THEY DO. It won’t matter that the prohibitions continue to exist or are lifted…THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO WHAT THEY DO. This is a fact of life.

Laws do [not] dictate the moral behavior of an individual. Laws also do not contain the amoral individual, only prisons do (and then not always). Laws mainly come to the aide of law-abiding citizens who desire legal remedies for those who are hell-bent on breaking laws for self-serving reasons and threatening (our) safety and well-being.

Increasingly proliferating laws demean those with good character development. They serve to (1) grow our government and (2) they serve to take responsibility away from the individual. In the wake, proliferating laws assume that without such laws Americans will not behave appropriately: an assumption that is grossly false. Most Americans are exceptional, even with the deadwood amongst us. The great majority of Americans, in fact, lead a good and moral life with great respect for our Republic and the traditions it represents. And they respect each other.

You, Megyn, are a lawyer but your vision is necessarily [limited] by that. Laws are not the end-all of a quality American life style. Fewer good laws with seriously strict consequences attached to them work best. The best form of government is a small government whose primary purpose (according to our Founding Fathers) is to regulate safety internally to a limited degree, but to mostly protect our country from assault by anti-American others.

Our individual liberties are at stake here. John Stossel is correct in saying that we [should] lift all the prohibitions out there and leave Americans to determine for themselves the quality of their lives and also the quality of their health. They will reap the benefits (or consequences) of the actions they take in life, and that’s a fact that you can take to the bank.

Yes, we will be decades if not longer waiting for the ME GENERATION to die off, while those of good character will hopefully produce new generations with good character to help counter the errant ones.

The future of this country depends on it.

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