Dr. Ellen’s Magic Dream

If you understand this, you’re in deeper pixels than you thought.

I wish upon a star
but nikon doesn’t hear me.
It’s too busy pixelmaking
and, besides, I don’t have the
pricy flagship – help!
The megapixels are winning the war.
Stop this madness!
Release my shutter!

I am becoming pixelated and
my CF’s are being chewed up by
an other-worldly power.
iTalk, iChat, iPhoto and still
it’s not enough!
Even iMovie
reduces me to bibble
in the face of iDVD stuff.
I am being Adobe’d to death
and dreamweaver is of absolutely
no help, now more than ever!

G-a-s-p, Galbraith –
Can you jpeg 2000 me before
I byte the dust?!
Are your actions worth your salt?
If not I will just have to flash
someone’s MX which won’t
be a pretty sight.
And then I’ll really be toast.
Not even a keynote.
Why, I’ll be forced to RAW convert!
(iSynch I’m sunk)

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